Welcome to Ashoka Silicon Valley’s Innovations Exchanges and other initiatives! Ashoka SV’s aim is to build a community that brings together the top talent in the Silicon Valley to work alongside Ashoka fellows, top social entrepreneurs, to drive social change. Through Innovation Exchanges and our other initiatives, Ashoka SV facilitates the 2-way transfer of ideas and information between Ashoka Fellows who are changing the world around them and from the vibrant Silicon Valley, as well as connecting the visiting Ashoka Fellows to Silicon Valley individuals and others resources. The first innovation exchange revolved around women and children’s rights and brought five fellows from multiple corners of the world, including Mexico, Egypt, India and Kenya. Ashoka SV also brought Kabir Vajpeyi, an Ashoka fellow from India, to speak about design innovation to make school architecture more conducive to child development.

Ashoka SV’s Cindy Lang, is also leading the Brazilian Initiative, welcoming Brazilian social entrepreneurs to the Bay Area around topics such as biodiversity, social inequities, and m0re. Read more here!

Ashoka SV also hosts a Book and Film Club. Click here for more information.


photo 5

Photo Credit: Himanisdas via Flickr

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